about us
Founded in New York in 2007, Advanced Optowave Corporation (AOC) is a global laser solution provider. Now as the US subsidiary of INNO Laser, who is listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. As the US subsidiary, AOC is focused on lasers, laser application development, sales, marketing and the local service and support for our customers for the non-China market.

Using our state-of-the-art volume manufacturing factory at INNO Laser, we can guarantee fast delivery, high capacity all at a competitive price. AOC's laser product portfolio consists of a broad spectrum of pulsed lasers, including DPSS nanosecond QS-lasers, MOPA nanosecond and ultrafast lasers. This portfolio of lasers is offered at different wavelengths from the Deep UV to the IR, and at different pulse widths from nanosecond to femtosecond. AOC is now combining advanced optical delivery tools, vision systems, high precision motion control systems and custom software, AOC is now supplying laser micro-processing systems. By combining our innovative laser technologies with our laser process solutions, AOC can offer complete laser solution for your application.

AOC products strongly enhance our customer's capabilities and productivity in consumer electronics, biomedical applications, semiconductor, and other areas. As of today, there are more than 50,000 lasers and 5,000 laser micro-process systems installed worldwide. Lasers for a Better Life is Advanced Optowave's mission and focus.
Mission and Vision
Laser for Better Life
A Laser Solution Provider
The Advantage
Competitive industrial laser
Self-developed core technology, highly efficient engineering and volume production provide the outstanding competitiveness of our lasers.
Cost-effective Laser Micro-processing Systems
The cost-effectiveness of our laser micro-processing systems is a result of combining our expertise of laser technology and laser application technology, excellent optical design, as well as the vision system and motion control system controlled by our self-developed software.
Strong Laser Process Development Capability
Our laser application R&D team has more than 15 years industrial experience and are engaged and closely working with our customers to provide cost-effective solutions.
ISO-certified Quality Assurance System
The ISO-certified quality assurance system guarantees the reliability and stability of our products, which can meet the 24x7 continuous operation demand from our customer.
Quick Delivery and Local Service/Support
The joint effort of INNO and AOC teams provide quick delivery and fast response local service and support.
Customization and Optimization
As we have the know-how Utilizing our knowledge and expertise across laser technology, laser application technology and system integration technology, we can provide flexible customization and optimization to meet the customer's requirements.