AutomotiveMembers of Advanced Optowave Corporation’s senior management team were the early developers of the application using femtosecond laser technology for production of automotive fuel injection or gasoline direct injection (GDi) injectors.

Working with key partners in the automotive market, they delivered the first ready-to-integrate manufacturing solution for precision hole drilling with an unmatched hole-to-hole consistency that resulted in an unmatched part-to-part consistency with the lowest cost per part pricing in less than 18 months.

GDi technology makes powerful, efficient engines possible, and at the same time, improves the overall emissions, allowing substantially fewer greenhouse gases to be emitted into the environment. A growing number of trucks and passenger vehicles in Asia, Europe and North America are available today with this technology that meet the new emission standards.

Automotive Fuel Injection Industry Today

Our team understands the challenges that face the automotive fuel injection industry today. With more government requirements on the reduction of greenhouse gases, which results in tighter worldwide emission standards, we see more vehicles being equipped with GDI technology. But with the emissions standard getting tighter, the requirements are tougher and necessitate more advanced injector designs. With these cutting edge, designs come more requirements on the nozzle hole itself. Some of the design requirements become more of a challenge and they include:

  • Taper Control
  • Surface Finish
  • Hole Break Edge
  • Different Size Holes in the Same Injector

Advanced Optowave knows that the key to the successful use of GDi technology is being able to have full control over the drilled nozzle holes in terms of hole diameter and position. Both of these requirements have an impact of the overall spray pattern and how the fuel droplets are distributed into the combustion chamber, the better distribution and drop size helps in reducing emission and at the same time improves the fuel economy.

Unlike EDM processing, the AOFemto processing delivers unmatched part-to-part consistency as measured by flow consistency and spray pattern analysis. Our proven process enables customers to pioneer radical new GDi concepts and designs. The capability of drilling GDi fuel injectors is just the start. This capability has opened up a larger industrial space in the automotive world – diesel fuel injectors. Through extensive studies and partnerships in the laser and automotive world, Advanced Optowave Corporation has developed a process to leverage our know-how to drill the very tight tolerance diesel fuel injector holes with great success.

The advancement of better fuel efficiency and reduction in emission has evolved with the addition of laser processing and here at Advanced Optowave we have the proven team to help you accomplish those tasks.

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