Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronicsThe consumer electronics market is responsible for the recent explosion of new materials that have made it into real world products. The influx of new materials and the ever-changing requirement to make our consumer products smaller with additional functions and features has presented the manufacturing world with a lot of new challenges. These challenges have proven difficult or seemingly impossible to resolve with traditional manufacturing technologies.

Consumer Products Applications Include:

  • Antennae Shielding and Annealing
  • Proximity Sensors for Mobile Phones
  • Micro Speakers
  • Smart Phone
  • Touch Panel Processing
  • OLED Displays
  • Smart Watches

Lasers have played a pivotal role in making these new device features and form factors a reality. At Advanced Optowave, we understand that our products are designed to address these needs and we understand that industrial designers are all about form, fit and function. Manufacturing engineers are all about making the production possible and at the lowest possible cost.

We know that consumer product manufacturers are always looking for new materials or new features that can help them differentiate their products from a very crowded market place. Sometimes, these new materials and/or new features are difficult if not impossible to develop and manufacture with traditional manufacturing technologies.

Features like invisible micro-holes for light transmission or for sound transmitting applications, these are both impossible to achieve with traditional mechanical tools. The complexity of cutting materials like carbon fiber or metal/ceramic matrix especially those that are heat sensitive and requiring very small features are difficult with traditional manufacturing methods.

Sapphire, ceramics, and glass are a few of the complex materials widely used in the consumer product market.

As a consumer, you can find these materials in items that you used everyday, your smart phone, tablet, you’re smart watch pretty much anything with a display use one or more of these materials. Due to their unique physical properties, being quite brittle, they are difficult to machine and require specialized grinding and polishing equipment to fabricate the features and designs we are seeing today.

As industrial designers come up with new ideas and designs for theses materials the traditional fabrication tools become more limited and, laser tools need to be deployed.

Here at Advanced Optowave, we understand these challenges and our laser product portfolio has been designed and developed to address these challenges. Our expansive diode-pumped solid-state laser solutions provide our customers with solutions for multiple applications. Whether you need a femtosecond source to machine a complex hybrid matrix like carbon fiber or cut a material with little or no heat affected zone we have your solution. If you need a nanosecond source for sub-surface identification marking for your product, Advanced Optowave’s complete product line can help from the R&D process all the way through deployment of your high volume manufacturing needs.

Your Laser Resource for Consumer Electronics Applications

Are you developing the next great consumer electronic device? Do your design specifications require using complex materials? We would like to hear about it. Contact us and let’s see how we can take your product to the next level