High Precision Laser Cutting and Scribing

Sapphire laser cuttingCutting was one of the first applications for lasers and it continues to be one of the largest applications for lasers today. Laser cutting provides a non-contact machining method that produces high-quality, high-precision features, and in some cases, with little or no post processing which also translates into a relatively stress-free cutting process. By eliminating or minimizing the post process now, your parts can come directly from the laser tool saving manufacturing time and money.

Lasers, by nature, can provide high precision and outstanding dimensional stability, and with the introduction of industrial grade ultrashort pulse lasers they now have the ability to control the heat-affected zone. These new advancements with the ultra short pulse lasers have enabled the user to achieve narrower kerf widths, selective cutting/ablation and the ability to cut brittle materials like glass and ceramics with little or no post processing required.

Laser cutting is a very mature process in the laser application space and can be found across a number of markets that we deal with in everyday life. Laser cutting is used extensively in the design and production of implantable medical devices such as stents, heart valves and other medical devices. We also see laser cutting extensively in the consumer electronics space. For example, the cover glass of your smartphone might be laser cut, as well as the print circuit boards or the semiconductor devices used inside the smartphone. No matter where you look, lasers are being deployed in cutting applications to improve the fit, form or function of devices we use in everyday life.

Advanced Optowave understands that there are a number of things that affect the performance of your devices, such as how the shape of the cut helps the fit of the component in your device, or how micro-cracks in the cut can cause failures, or how post processing can affect yields and the total cost of your product. We know that all of these variables can affect your devices differently and getting the optimum performance from your product provides you with the competitive edge that differentiates your products from the rest of the products in the marketplace.

Our team here at Advanced Optowave has a deep knowledge in the area of lasers and laser material interaction. We understand that for you to reach your design goals, you need to look at a number of different manufacturing technologies that can help you meet your desired end result.

For Advanced Optowave, it starts with understanding what the important requirements are for your application. We accomplish this by speaking with your designers, your manufacturing engineers, and your process engineers to make sure we fully understand your requirements. From this point on we put our expertise to work helping you find the right laser cutting solution for your specific application.

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