Laser Drilling – High Precision Holes and Shapes

Glass laser drillingThe demand for high precision micro hole laser drilling is on the rise. We have seen advancements for the printing market with micro holes drilled from ink jet print heads, to drilling applications in the medical device market with filters, consumer electronics with micro holes drilled in headsets and light transmitting devices and the automotive market with fuel injection.

In some applications, these holes can be smaller than the diameter of a human hair and are invisible to the naked eye, which makes them difficult to produce with traditional mechanical drilling methods. Recent advancements in the area of lasers make these features now achievable. Lasers are able to produce these types of micro-holes using a non-contact machining method that produces very high-quality, high-precision features and in some cases with little or no post processing.

High Precision Micro Hole Laser Drilling Applications

New applications that deploy micro-holes include:

  • Holes drilled in ink jet printer cartridges
  • Micro-holes in automobile indicators
  • Micro-drilled holes in smoke detectors
  • Micro-perforated food packaging
  • Precision micro holes drilled in audio speakers, speaker covers and bluetooth devices
  • Nozzle holes micro-drilled in gasoline and diesel fuel injectors
  • Holes drilled in chemical sensors and indicator lights for consumer electronics
  • Micro-perforation for micro-fluidic devices and sound damping components

This is just a small list of devices that utilize lasers to produce high precision micro-holes.

Advanced Optowave understands that there are a number of things that affect performance of your devices, such as how the shape of the hole can alter the sound response or the angle of light can be viewed or how the surface finish and/or hole taper can affect the flow of liquid through a device. We know that all of these traits can affect your specific devices differently and getting the optimum performance from your devices provides you the differentiation your product needs to compete in a competitive market place.

Advanced Optowave has a deep knowledge in the area of lasers and laser material interaction and we understand that in order for you to reach your design goals, it starts with understanding the important requirements for your application. We begin by speaking with your manufacturing engineers, your designers and process engineers to understand your precise requirements. From there we put our expertise to work supporting you and your application requirements.

Your Laser Drilling Source

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