High Precision Laser Marking and Coding

Plastic laser markingHigh-precision laser marking has come a long way in a short period of time. When you think of laser marking, you envision results of early generation nanosecond lasers. You see a melting, ablation or a slight color change due to heat absorbed into the material.

Advanced Optowave has a new approach with “cold marking” an application that has not been seen extensively in the laser industry due to its previous high entry cost. Our cold marking is accomplished with an ultra-short pulse laser. The results are game-changing.

Advanced Optowave’s AOPico lasers and AOFemto lasers can create marks with limited or No Heat to create a mark that does not destroy the material or create micro-fractures that can damage the structural integrity of the material. This type of marking is desperately needed in the:

  • Aerospace industry
  • Medical device manufacturing
  • Glass industry

We have proven that we have the optimal laser systems to achieve the desired end result.

Label marking
Label marking
Glass marking
Glass marking
Ceramic markingCeramic marking

Advanced Optowave offers the full spectrum of lasers for marking from our AONano lasers in IR, Green, and UV to our AOPico and AOFemto lasers. With our product offering, we can accomplish the basic marking all the way through the high value marking that customers need.

In some applications, the marking needs to be visible to the human eye, and in other instances, the marking needs to only be seen under a microscope. These markings are for security reasons and are a leading trend in the fraud protection market.

When a color change needs to occur for marking purposes, normally the material becomes raised or the material deforms which is not always the most desirable outcome. In certain materials, we can minimize these negative effects by producing the mark sub-surface. Sub-surface marking creates the mark without changing the surface texture of the material and in turn creating a mark that can stand up to chemicals and passivation processes.

Overall, marking has become a commodity industry with many manufacturers offering their products, but at Advanced Optowave, we have recognized that there is a higher standard needed and that high precision marking has become one of our main focuses.

Advanced Optowave understands that when you are looking to enhance your product’s appearance with laser marking for graphics and logos, or you are looking for an approach to serializing your product for security and traceability applications, and you need these marks to be permanent and aesthetically correct so that the mark enhances your product and does not lesson the quality.

We have in-house application specialist that will work with you to make sure that we can provide you with the best possible laser solution for your application. With this support and knowledge coupled with our products high reliability, we are confident you will be successful with your application.

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Do you have a marking application? Let one of our application specialists help you choose the optimal laser solution for your application.