Advanced Optowave Corporation – Our Company

About Advanced Optowave CorporationFounded in 2007, Advanced Optowave Corporation is a highly respected global supplier of diode-pumped solid-state laser solutions for:

  • Medical device manufacturers
  • Semiconductor manufacturers
  • The aerospace industry
  • The automotive industry
  • The packaging industry
  • Consumer electronics

Our state-of-the-art design and production facilities are located in Long Island, NY, and Fremont, CA. We are fully equipped to meet the demands of our high volume-manufacturing customers.

We have additional sales and service offices in Shanghai, Shenzhen China, and in Taiwan where we can offer local support and service capabilities. Combined with our extensive worldwide distribution network, we are ideally positioned to address the needs of our most demanding customers.

Advanced Optowave Corportion’s Mission

Advanced Optowave’s mission is to continuously design and develop innovative, proprietary products that meet the demanding needs of the photonics marketplace and our customers; at the same time we look to continue our position as a leader in the development of new diode-pumped solid-state laser solutions.

Advanced Optowave’s talented cross-functional engineering and manufacturing teams understand what is important to our customers in terms of reliability, performance, and on time delivery. We have instituted a rigorous development process and manufacturing environment that guarantees highly reliable and high performance products.

Our product portfolio is uniquely flexible which enables us to offer a broad range of options in terms of pulse energies, wavelength, repetition rates, and pulse widths to address a wide range of applications.

The senior team here at Advanced Optowave, along with the support of our entire company, is driving the company values to have integrity in business, provide innovation, and high quality products. These qualities enable us to be the best in our industry in terms of delivery time, customer service, product excellence, and price. That coupled with our mission to develop, design, and manufacture high-quality laser solutions through innovation and efficient management, set us ahead at creating exceptional value for our customers and our employees.