Multifunction Laser Processing System
Features & Benefits:
High precision micromachining
Ultrafast laser with Galvo scanner and motion stages
Dual laser source options
Co-axis and off-axis vision system
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AOC3000 Laser Multi-function Processing System

The AOC3000 laser multifunction system is designed for general purpose laser micromachining applications, the platform can be integrated with multiple lasers and laser wavelengths, as well as variety of motion stage options. The system is designed to achieve and maintain high dimensional accuracy features, vision system either off-axis or co-axis CCD camera are available to ensure laser beam location and positioning accuracy. 

Femtosecond drilling of Aluminum
Picosecond laser drilling of aluminum
Laser catheter drilling
Laser catheter drilling
Laser catheter drilling
Nylon tube drilling
Nylon tube drillling
Silicone tube drilling