AONano Precision-355-LP
Industrial UV nanosecond laser
Features & Benefits:
Inner cavity harmonic generation technology
Low energy consumption
PWF function
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AONANO PRECISION-355-LP laser adopts a compact all-in-one design, which effectively simplifies the design of the customer's equipment, making the installation and integration easier and more convenient. The design that organically combines the laser's electrical control part and the optical part greatly reduces the risk of possible failure caused by excessive external wiring connections and improves the overall stability of the user's equipment. Water-cooling, stable mechanical structure, and sufficient anti-stress design make it a perfect combination of performance and stability and a good candidate for various challenging applications.

AONANO PRECISION series is an upgraded version of the original AWAVE laser, with excellent performance. In addition to maintaining the original excellent beam quality (M2<1.1), it also expanded the laser's operating frequency range from 30-150kHz to 20-300kHz, and optimizes the laser power at high frequency. Thus, the laser can be used in more applications and improves the processing efficiency for customers. It adopts Inno Laser’s world-leading intra-cavity harmonic generation technology. Its electrical-to-optical conversion efficiency is also industrial-leading. Thus, it is a solid-state UV laser with the lowest energy consumption.

AONANO PRECISION-355-LP-14W-50K, which can meet most requirements on the power from customers for nanosecond UV long pulse width lasers. The AONANO PRECISION series lasers can be operated with TTL level signals and PWM pulse width modulation signals. The PWF function allows customers to adjust the power output of the laser in the internal control mode through software.

The long pulse width characteristic, excellent beam quality, wide repetition rate, flexible control mode, and comprehensive power coverage make it a perfect choice for the application of FPC copper foil drilling, thick fingerprint module cutting, thick FPC/PCB cutting(connecting finger), metal cutting(tungsten), and so on.

Metal working
Battery electrode welding
PCB/FCB Marking
Connecting finger cutting