AONano XP - 355
Industrial UV nanosecond laser
Features & Benefits:
Narrow pulse width of ~2ns
Adaptable for some special application requirements
Achieve higher efficiency
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AONano XP - 355

The AONano XP-355 is a high-frequency, narrow pulse width laser, which can output 5/15W power. The laser adopts a compact all-in-one design, which effectively simplifies the design of the customer's equipment, making the installation and integration easier and more convenient. The design that organically combines the laser's electrical control part and the optical part greatly reduces the risk of possible failure caused by excessive external wiring connections and improves the overall stability of the user's equipment. 

The water-cooled cooling style, solid cavity structure, and stable design make it a perfect combination of performance and stability and is applied for various challenging applications.

AONano XP-355 has a narrow pulse width of ~2ns, only about 1/7 of the standard nanosecond laser (pulse width ~15ns), which makes it more adaptable for some special application requirements, such as solar cell processing, battery electrodes welding, glass drilling, etc. especially in glass drilling, narrow pulse width lasers are extremely cost-effective. Compared with normal nanosecond and picosecond, AONano XP-355 lasers not only can easily drill through the glass and achieve higher efficiency, it’s the best choice in such a special application.

Perc solar cell devilling
Glass/Sapphire Cutting & Drilling
Battery electrode welding