AOPico Montauk - 355
Industrial UV picosecond laser
Features & Benefits:
All-in-one design
Throught a 5V TTL signal to achieve POD function
Advanced point-changing function technology
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AOPico Montauk - 355

The AOPico Montauk-355 picosecond laser adopts a compact all-in-one design, which effectively simplifies the design of the customer's equipment and brings fast and low-cost integration. Proprietary cavity design can generate a 10-20ps pulse, maintaining superior performance and reliable long-term power stability.

The power ranges from 5W, 15W, up to 30W, which can meet most of the customer's requirements for UV picosecond lasers. It has a wide frequency, from 100K to 1600K, and outputs >30W power at 1000K. The pulse energy is up to 50uJ, and higher energy in the pulse train mode and the single pulse can be adjusted to meet the various needs of customers. 

The laser controls the beam output through a 5V TTL signal, and there are multiple control modes: rising edge trigger, falling edge trigger, high-level trigger, and low-level trigger, which provides customers high-quality processing with high scanning speed to achieve the POD function.

Moreover, the point-changing function, THG crystal can automatically change points. The advanced point-changing technology ensures that the beam quality, beam size, and beam directivity keeps the same after the point-changing, which prolongs the lifetime of the crystal and improves the laser stability. And the air cleaning system, which can clean the cavity and prolong the lifetime of the crystal, and it’s easy to maintain and replace.

The excellent beam quality (M2<1.2), beam roundness (>90%), and pulse stability make it a perfect choice for applications of OLED cutting and drilling, PI/FPC cutting, mobile phone antenna cutting, etc.

Polarizer cutting
PCB/FCB Cutting&Drilling