AOFemto Jericho - 1030/515
Industrial Green/IR Femtosecond laser
Features & Benefits:
Pulse width less than 800fs
Burst mode and excellent beam quality
Unique ability to process materials
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AOFemto Jericho - 1030/515

The AOFemto Jericho laser is a diode-pumped solid-state power amplifier laser, it increases a compressor compared with a picosecond laser, which enables it to provide a pulse width of less than 800fs.

1030nm, power up to 10W, 20W model can be customized

515nm, power up to 5W, 10W model can be customized

Femtosecond lasers have a unique ability to process materials, with little thermal damage, providing integrators with much more cost-effective products.

The burst function, excellent beam quality, pulse width <800fs, stable and reliable performance make it a perfect choice for the applications of injector drilling, medical device manufacturing, polymer processing, semiconductor/photovoltaic processing, wafer scribing, high precision&speed micro-machining, brittle materials cutting and drilling.


Polarizer cutting
Glass/Sapphire Cutting & Drilling
Medical device manufacturing
Injector drilling