Laser Micro-welding System
Features & Benefits:
Precision welding
Compact structure with small footprint
Both CW and pulsed welding available
Galvo scanner with motorized Z axis
Coaxial vision system
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AOWELD-W150 is a laser micro-welding system developed for medical precision welding. The laser micro-welding system consists of a laser, a focusing system, a high-definition coaxial vision system and an electric rotating platform. The micro-welding process is controlled by Samlight software. The precise positioning is achieved through the galvo scanner controlled by ScannerEye software.

Galvo Module for Girth Welding


Pulsed penetration stitching welding
CW penetration stitching welding
Nitinol tube spot welding
Stainless steel side by side welding
Copper wire side by side welding