Custom Laser Solutions

AOC custom laserAt Advanced Optowave, we understand that some applications need something a little different for a higher success rate. This laser based solution needs to be something that is not offered as a standard product. To meet this type of need, Advanced Optowave has a special development team established specifically for this type of project.

We understand that our industrial lasers end up insides laser workstation and occasionally it would aid the integration process if the laser umbilical was half a meter longer or sometime even longer than that. We accommodate modifications like this across our entire product line and we offer extended umbilical up to 7 meters in length.

In addition, we also understand that not all materials react to the same wavelengths or pulse widths, or to peak-powers and pulse energies. For this reason, we offer our AONano Series in Nd:YLF which can provide higher pulse energies and peak power levels at slightly different wavelengths, including 1047 nm and 1053 nm in addition to their second and third harmonics.

Our focus at Advanced Optowave is to make your life easier when it comes to your application and to our laser solution. When working with our team of dedicated knowledgeable professionals, we can work with you to determine the perfect solution for your application. In addition, we can even supply a full laser/application engine to be fully integrated into your workstation platform.

Your Custom Laser Resource

Do you have a unique production need or a product specification that’s keeping you and your design team up at night? Have you considered integrating a laser into your current workstation yet you are unsure how compatible it would be with your current system? Are your developers envisioning cutting edge products that need a solution that works at your current wavelength yet your product and production process would be enhanced if the wavelength or the power level was just slightly different from an off the shelf laser solutions?

Contact us today and we can start working with you to get the right custom laser solution for your application.