Industrial Ultrashort Pulse Lasers

AOPico Series

AOPico and AOFemto lasersAdvanced Optowave also offers a complete line of ultrashort pulse lasers starting with AOPico Series. The AOPico is a compact, cost effective diode-pumped solid-state Hybrid master-oscillator power-amplifier (MOPA) picosecond laser.

Using the MOPA architecture allows Advanced Optowave the ability to easily scale the output power of the system to meet your application requirements. Coupled with our proprietary cavity design enables us to routinely produce sub 10 picosecond pulses to 30 picoseconds all while maintaining a high-level of performance and reliable up-time, perfect for 24/7 operation in high volume manufacturing environments.

The AOPico Series of lasers are available at 1064 nm, 532 nm and 355 nm and power levels up to 45 Watts at 1MHz.

AOFemto Series

Ultrashort pulse lasersThe next product in Advanced Optowave’s ultra short-pulsed laser product line is the AOFemto Series. Like the AOPico Series, the AOFemto is also a diode-pumped solid-state Hybrid master-oscillator power-amplifier, the main difference is the addition of a compressor that enables the AOFemto to deliver pulse width less than 800 femtoseconds, with powers up to 15 watts in the IR and 7.5 watts in the green.

Our complete ultra short pulsed laser product line is built on a common platform and we have designed it to use components that we also use in our nanosecond product line, components that have a solid track record for being highly reliable and stable. Because of the common components utilization, we can provide you, the customer, with a much more cost-effective products.

Ultrashort pulse lasers have the unique ability to machine materials with little or no thermal damage, and the ability to machine materials that have not previously been able to be process with lasers.

Your Ultrashort Pulse Lasers Solution

By understanding what pulse width is the correct pulse width to utilize these unique benefits can be a tricky adventure. The team here at Advanced Optowave have years of combined experience in this space and can help you determine the right ultrashort pulse laser for your application.