AONano Compact (ONE) - 355
Industrial UV nanosecond laser
Features & Benefits:
Water-cooled nanosecond UV laser
All-in-one compact design for ease of integration
One-button start function
Strong anti-inteference capability
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AONANO COMPACT(ONE) - 355 laser adopts the latest all-in-one design with a compact size, which saves installation space and brings fast and low-cost implementation to the integrators. It combines the laser head and power supply. The reduced wire connection not only increases the anti-interference ability, but also reduces the risk of malfunction and improves stability.

AONANO COMPACT(ONE)-355 laser power ranges from 3 W, 5 W to 10 W. Combining a water-cool design with excellent beam quality,  outstanding beam roundness, and exceptional pulse stability makes it easily adaptable to various harsh environments. It is a perfect choice for industrial applications, such as material surface marking, on-fly marking, glass engraving, 3D printing, and more.

AONANO COMPACT(ONE)-355 provides a shorter product development period and faster return on investment.


3D Printing
Package Marking
PCB/FCB Cutting&Drilling