Diode-Pump Solid-State Lasers

AOC productsLight can be a powerful micromachining tool if you can harness its power and make it reliable, stable and most important – affordable. Advanced Optowave was founded with these three principals in mind and it has been our mission to develop, design and manufacture high-quality, highly-reliable diode-pump solid-state lasers that make it easy to harness the power of light, with stability and reliability, to ensure a consistent process and high-volume production all at a cost-effective price structure.

Whether your application is marking, micromachining, cutting, drilling, annealing or ablation, we have you covered. Advanced Optowave’s diode-pumped solid-state lasers (DPSS) cover the range from nanosecond, to picosecond and femtosecond. Each laser was developed and designed to address all the application listed above. Those products are:

The AONano and the AOPico are offered in the IR, Green and UV, the AOFemto is offered in the IR and Green.

All of the products in our extensive product line are built using our proprietary end-pumped geometry using our high-efficiency harmonic conversion technologies that enable suburb performance and reliability. We understand that not all applications are addressed by a single power or by energy level. In some cases, a number of different power levels are required to make the application successful. For this reason, we developed our proprietary power control feature that offers fast (<200 µs) linear computer powered control of the laser while maintaing constant beam properties.

In order to provide the best possible cost per performance ratio, we build all of our products on a common flexible platform which enables us to use common components throughout our product portfolio, this gives us the flexibility to respond to our customer’s needs faster and still keep our costs down. Our systems are designed so that the diodes can be replaced in the field, reducing maintenance costs and minimizing production downtime.

Advanced Optowave has deployed more than 4,000 diode-pumped solid-state laser solutions. These lasers are doing high volume manufacturing in the fields of consumer electronics, medical device manufacturing, semiconductor, the aerospace industry and the automotive industry.