AONano Precision (i) - 355
Industrial UV nanosecond laser
Features & Benefits:
Power auto-optimization
The crystal indexing
Real-time power feedback
Long-term power consistency
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AONANO PRECISION(i)-355 laser, the intelligent version of the AONANO PRECISION series, not only perfectly inherits the original excellent performance and stability, but also makes the operation smarter and more convenient.

Our power auto-optimization system enables the laser to use  algorithms to achieve one-key optimization of laser power through adjustment of crystal temperature and laser intra-cavity light path.

The auto-optimization can improve the user experience. By clicking the "Change point" button, the laser can change the crystal position to maintain performance and minimize downtime.

Additionally, the customer has access to real-time power feedback. In the "Power (W)" interface of GUI software, the laser power can be automatically displayed.

Long-term power consistency (power change < 2%), maks it to be more widely applied to various industrial processing, and a perfect combination of high performance, high reliability, and low cost.

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